Joel Lytle Headshot

Joel Lytle


Joel grew working on job sites with his father and uncles, PTI’s founders, and completed his first asbestos abatement project in 1986. During those early days, his family taught him by example: Managers always work alongside the crew. Never say a task can’t be done. Be relentless.

“My favorite part of the job is striving to be the best. We want people to want to work with us, and the only limitations to this company are what we can think.”

Joel has built upon that foundation of hard work since joining PTI as controller in 1993. He became part of the company after serving in the Air Force for four years and earning his accounting degree at Boise State University. Under his watch, PTI has grown into a national firm that prides itself on its ability to mobilize quickly and tackle jobs across the country.

He’s based in New York, which serves as a gateway to PTI’s clients throughout the nation. Joel is focused on developing and strengthening PTI’s relationships while guiding the company’s overall direction. “I want to have the best company in the asbestos industry,” he says. “We want to be the company that sets the industry standard.”

Joel and his wife are parents of two daughters, ages 18 and 15. As a family, they’re on a mission to visit every U.S. National Park. Joel also is an avid gamer who founded a board game shop in Boise, Idaho, and has two world titles from the World Board Gaming Championships.